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Olive Senior in her book, A-Z of Jamaican Heritage (1984), states that Buru is a "recreatinal African-based dance and drumming style associated with secular Kumina entertainment Is is also associated with Rastafari music and with the masquerade tradition especially in Clarendon and Saint Catherine parishes." Buru comes from work songs from the days of slavery. It is danced mainly during Christmas and New Year celebrations. The objective takes the form of cleansing the community of unethical issues. Senior explains that "Buru music is accompanied by three drums, along with scrapers, rattles and other percussion instruments." She said that the "drums are called funde, bass and repeaters . The funde and repeater are small open ended instruments, the bass is double headed. The repeater is used to play melody while the funde is used to give syncopation." Buru is practised in Clarendon in sections of Boyence Content, Bushy Park, and Lionel Town. Source: Mrs. Hazel Ramsay-McClune, Field Research Officer at the African/Caribbean Institute of Jamaica/Jamaica Memory Bank

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